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Elevate your Rituals 

Our hand mirror is the perfect accessory to cheer up every dresser or bathroom, it catches the light beautifully and can be easily incorporated in your morning routine. It is a thing of beauty and so are you. Your reflection never looked so good.

Details: The surfaces are smooth and have no sharp edges. Finished by artisans hand, each of these accessories is a small unique specimen.

Info: - Hand Mirror - Cellulose Acetate - Engraved white logo - Made in Italy

How to use:  Elevate your grooming routine with our hand mirror. Easily apply your lip stick and check how beautiful you are. For everyday, ritual use.


Width 11,5cm
Height 24cm
Thickness 6mm

Material: The cellulose acetate is a compound of naturally derived wood and paper pulp. The reflecting surface of the tool is made of plastic mirror.
Fantasy: Gelée
Made in Italy
Clean as necessary by soaking in hot water.

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