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Bluetiful World

About us

Inspired by fashion and design, the brand grew out of the friendship and passions of the founders Marta and Martina. Everything has started in 2016 in Milan, the city where the two designers met and raised.
They were motivated by the intention to add some spice to the design world. Because life is just too short not to create, not to go through

The brand

"Bluetiful” is a play on the word 'beautiful' which demonstrates the kinky twist this evocative accessories brand places on everything it creates. This name reflects exactly the brand spirit: de-dramatise the classic beauty for a more fresh, timeless one. Bluetiful Milano is a young brand inspired by fashion and design. A mix of old ambiance and new trends with a spicy twist for the modern mademoiselle with magnetic charm.

The padded headband

Taking inspiration from the Renaissance world, in April 2017 the brand came out with the first collection: a sumptuous padded headband that mimic both courtesan headwear and auras often painted in the art of that time - reimagined for the modern world, and its bluetiful-girl.

Handmade in Italy

A story made out of italian craftsmanship. Each single item is handcrafted by the skilled hands of Florentine artisans in an ethical environment. We have a precious network of professionals who work with us every day. We belive in the sustainable production, that’s why we are a zero-waste company.


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